Debugging Tori Redding by Jason Ancona

Sunday, 13 February 2011
Tori Redding is not in a rush to grow up. Not at all, so she decides to start a club. The Not So Fast club, a club which dedicates its time to helping teenagers make the right choices. But before long Tori realises that everyone just thinks of them as snitches - determined to stop them having fun. Then when a trip to the dentist results in Tori having super memory she could not be more happy. Homework done quickly and the ability to memorise everybodys name in the school - helpful for giving out cards! When someone disappears Tori uses her special ability to figure out what happened but can she figure it out before her memory goes into overdrive?

Author: Jason Ancona
Genre: Mystery
Publication Year: 2010
Recommended Age: 13+
Rating: 4/5

Jason Ancona is a new name for me and he certainly gave a good first impression. I loved this novel! I found it a unique read - in a good way, different than your usual mystery novels. Some parts of the story refer to real life situations so it made the whole book seem real.
Tori Redding is a character full of attitude and I found it comical at her opinion of certain things. She is quite stubborn and sometimes that affects the people around her. Another quality that we see in her throughout the book is determination. She is determined to make her Not So Fast club successful (even though everyone in the school hates it) so when she discovers she has super memory she uses it at her advantage like giving out violation cards. Another character I feel I need to talk about is Alex. He is the only member of the NSF club (Tori and her best friend, Geo are co captains) and he has a little crush on Tori. It is quite sweet but Tori always manages to hurt his feelings (without meaning too). There was one thing that put me off him a little and that was his laugh. I know he is fictional but I honestly felt like I could hear his laugh and I hated it.
Ancona has the ability to mix real life situations in with a little fiction and I think that is a good quality in an author.

Rachel xx :)

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  1. I've looked at this book and even had a sample on my Kindle. I appreciate your post!


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