Shadows by Amy Meredith

Friday, 28 January 2011
Eve Evergold is a typical fifteen year old girl. She loves shoes, purses, make up, fashion magazines and boys, so when two new mysterious boys come into town how can she resist? But then strange events start happening to people around her. Then she discovers she has supernatural powers and she will need to use them to defeat someone dangerous... Could it be someone she knows?

Genre: Supernatural/Horror
Recommended Age: 12 +
Pages: 281
Release Date: 2010
Overall Rating: 5/5

I have never read a supernatural based book before so I did not know what to expect from this book. Whenever I used to go into a library or a book shop I did not ever think to look into the supernatural or horror section. I always seemed to avoid them because I did not think it was my type of thing but thanks to Amy Meredith it now is!
I enjoyed Shadows so much that it was not long before I had devoured the whole book. I read it over two days. The novel is so gripping and well written that I loved every minute of it - even the scary parts!
Fifteen year old Eve Evergold (what a great name) is the main character. She is brave, caring and considerate. She loves Jimmy Choos and fashionable purses and her best friend Jess. Eve is in her first year of high school when she discovers her supernatural powers, but when people around her start acting strangely Eve realises that she must use her new powers to defeat whoever is responsible for all of this. But this is proved difficult when she finds herself drawn to a handsome, mysterious stranger...
I absolutely love this cover! It is almost teasing how mysterious it is. It gives you a feeling of what this book will be about. Overall I give this book a 5/5 because I loved it, I hope if you read this book you will too!

Rachel :)

PS: I am also going to review Shadows sequels The Hunt and Fever.


  1. That's the same with me, I never look in the horror section! Great review.

  2. I really recommend that you do (now!) because then you will never know if it is your cup of tea... I enjyoed this book! :D

    Rachel xx :)

  3. *gasp* First time reading a supernatural-based book?!? This must change!! lol. I'm glad you enjoyed Shadows! I've never heard of the novel before but by the sounds of it, hopefully you enjoyed it enough to seek other supernatural reads!! :)


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