Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

Tuesday, 4 January 2011
"This dog is not like other dogs. She is more like a friend than a dog, a friendly shadow that does not want to leave us. You never lose your shadow."

Aman and his mother don't know what to do. They are in dangerous territory and all they want is to travel to Manchester, England to be safe. On the journey they are joined by a Springer Spaniel who they decide to name Shadow. Can Shadow show them the road to safety? Can Aman and his mother ever get to England?

Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages: 281
Cover Rating: 5/5
Recommended Age: 11+
Rating: 4/5

Shadow is a great read! Yes, it is a light read but I still found it enjoyable. The novel has three different points of view, one being Aman's and the others being Matt (Aman's best friend) and Matt's Grandfather. You are probably wondering why it's not only Aman's story but at the beginning of the book it starts out with Matt and his Granfather talking about what is happening with Aman. Aman is telling his story. If you read this book (which I hope you will) you will understand what I am talking about.
The main storyline is about a Springer Spaniel, Shadow, who helps Aman and his mother on their dangerous journey so she is my favourite character. Throughout the novel Shadow sticks by Aman through the times where he needs her most. I think Morpurgo used a Spinger Spaniel for Shadow because Spinger Spaniels are very affectionate, loyal and smart. You can't picture a labrador or a chihuahua playing Shadow, can you? Another quality that I like about Shadow is that she might not be big but she is brave.
I love the cover of Shadow, for one, the dog is so cute! It is also a great idea that you get to see the dangerous part of the novel in the background by showing army helicopters and fighters. The reaching out and holding hands shows how emotional this book is going to be as well.
I recommend this book to 11 year olds and older because it is quite a light read. That is if you are an enthusiastic reader. Animal lovers will probably like this novel too. The reason I haven't mentioned a genre is because I basically can't decide what group it goes under. Maybe adventure? Hmmm...
My expectations of this book were that it would be OK but I found I enjoy it better. It might look a bit younger than you usually read but why not read it? I have read quite a few of Michael Morpurgo's books and some of them even made it into my favourites, War Horse and Adolphus Tips certainly did! I think Morpurgo has a unique knack for writing so that is why I am recommended Shadow to you!

Rachel :)


  1. I love Micheal Morpurgo, I must read this one, it looks great. Brilliant review!

  2. Nice review! It makes me curious to read the book. Thinking about the animal books I read when I was eleven, I remember I loved the book The Incredible Journey and also 101 Dalmatians (the novel by Dodie Smith. Not the Disney story it became)Even though you're older than that, you might still enjoy those stories.

  3. Thanks for following my blog! = )

  4. Didn't know you did this Rachel, its brilliant! Nicely written! ;) kathryn xxxx

  5. Adrianne: Thank you! :) The books you read when your young always seem to be in your favourite list whether your to old for them, lol :D

    Cliona: Your welcome! :D

    Kathryn: Thank you! :) Haven't talked to you in ages, thanks for commenting. :)

    Rachel xx :)

  6. I loved reading this book with my 8 year old (with his younger sister half listening too!) and it's been very pertinent over here in Australia with the dog "Sarbi" who was the inspiration for the story being awarded the Purple Cross yesterday. Also the news if full of Christmas Island detention centre stories at the moment too. So although it has a factual basis and perhaps more suitable for year 6 or so, don't miss out on sharing it with younger children, just keep some tissues handy for yourself!


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