Would You Rather by Chris Higgins

Friday, 3 December 2010
"Life is all about choices. Daddy or chips? Boyfriend or career? Snog or marry? 'Would you Rather?' is the game that Flick and her friends love to play. But when her dad uncovers a long lost secret that unveils a mystery at the heart of her family, Flick discovers not all choices are a game."

I really enjoyed this book. I hadn't read a Chris Higgins novel before but after reading this book I'd love to read another one. My favourite character is Flick, the main character because of her personality. If you read this book then you'll understand that her personality shines through in some chapters. Higgin's has cleverly changed a usual teen chick lit by threading some family mystery into the plot.

Number of Pages: 261
Genre: Teen Chicklit/Teen Romance
Recommended age: 11 +
Rating out of 5: 5/5

Rachel :)


  1. Hey on my blog (Bookster Reviews)you said 'thanks for following my blog'. Your welcome! It's a great blog! I love reading it.


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