Interview with Sybil Nelson (Author of Priscilla The Great)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lately, I have had the priviledge to interview talented author, Sybil Nelson! I have already read one of her books, Priscilla The Great and loved it! If you would like to see the review please click HERE (or scroll down). Here is the interview...

Have you always wanted to be an author?

No. I remember loving to write when I was young and even winning some competitions but I lost confidence in my writing as I grew older. I entered University as an English and Journalism major but then graduated as a math and music major. For a while it was my dream to compose music for Disney. Then one day I decided I wanted to do something about how few black women there were in the books that I liked so I picked up a pen and started writing them in. Since then I’ve written 10 novels each with a black female somewhere in the book.

What is your favourite type of genre (the genre you use with your books)?

Yes, I love YA books. There’s something hopeful and nostalgic about them for me. Maybe it’s because I can always find something to relate to. Of course, there are some adult books that I love and adult authors are usually the ones that make my favorite list, but when I’m looking to relax or be entertained, I always go for the YA section.

Who is your favourite character in Priscilla The Great?

That’s a hard question. I love all my characters! Of course I love Priscilla because she’s just sassy and fun. But then again I like Tai because she reminds me of myself. I was the book smart nerd growing up. But then again I love the twins because they’re just plain hilarious.

What do you hope readers will obtain from your book

Just a good time. It’s a fun read and I hope people laugh.

Do you hope to bring out more books, if so can you give us an idea what it will be about?

I’ve already written four of the five Priscilla the Great books. I also have ideas for spin off series for Tai and the twins.

Who are you favourite authors?

V.C. Andrews, Jane Austen, Michael Crichton, Gwendolyn Brooks, Tom Wolfe, Mark Haddon, Alice Walker.

Did a certain author inspire you to become one yourself?
Hmm, tough one. If anyone, I would have to say V.C. Andrews because I was reading a lot of her during my formative years. That was about the time when I first wondered why all of her characters were white. There were never any beautiful black women in her books. My very first story was a V.C. Andrews type story about a black girl and a white boy who fall in love. It is now a full length novel called Ain’t No Sunshine, written under my pen name Leslie DuBois.

Quick Fire Questions...

Favourite Food: Bacon.
Favourite Book:
The Bible.
Favourite Song:
I Will Survive.
Favourite Movie:
The Wedding Singer (I love me some Adam Sandler).

If you would like to go to The Website for Priscilla The Great please click HERE. It's such a cool website, music, characters, snippets of upcoming books, etc and you can even order your own book of Priscilla The Great! If you would like to go to Priscilla The Great's Blog please click HERE

Left: The book.
Right: The main character, Priscilla Sumners.


Priscilla The Great by Sybil Nelson

Monday, 27 December 2010

Priscilla is a seventh grader... a seventh grader who wants nothing but to be normal. She has an overprotective Dad, a Mum that is never there, an older brother obsessed with Christina Aguilera and two mischevious twin brothers that are always up to something. Then one day something strange starts to happen, fire starts shooting out of her fingers. Before she knows it she is in the middle of a dangerous adventure with dangerous people that a normal seventh grader shouldn't be worrying about...

Number of Pages: 276
Genre: Adventure
Author: Sybil Nelson
Release Date: December 15, 2010
Publisher: WorldMaker Media
An element I enjoyed about the book was the way the author thread in normal seventh grade problems that girls would go through (like boys, spots etc) while at the same time still obtaining the problems Priscilla had with her powers.
I also enjoyed the way that in the first couple of chapters you started gettting hints that she wasn't completely normal (and that her family weren't either).
My favourite character is Priscilla because of how brave she is. I also like her because of how opininated she can sometimes be. Another character I also like is her best friend, Tai. She is very smart and helps Priscilla alot through the book.

Come back here on the 29th for the interview with author, Sybil Nelson!!! :)

Merry Christmas

Saturday, 25 December 2010
Merry Christmas everyone! :) Hope you all get great christmas pressies! Did anyone get any new books? I did :D

Matched by Ally Condie.

Shadow by Michael Morpurgo.

Can't wait to read them! :o) Hopefully reviews will be posted up of them soon! :) For now though Merry Christmas!

The Girls' Book of Glamour: A GUIDE TO BEING A GODDESS

Sunday, 12 December 2010
"Be confident. Be gorgeous. Be glamorous.

The tips and tricks in this book will help you reveal the goddess inside you.

Every girl deserves to live a life of glamour."

I know this book is different from all the other ones I review but hopefully you'll enjoy this little change! If you are a girly girl that would love to know how to be loved by everyone and look beautiful this is the book for you. From how to jazz up a boring ponytail to making your own lip glosses and perfumes. How to get the flutteriest lashes to how to how to convince people you are a celebrity. How to give your face a massage to how to make a door curtain. There are TONS of tips to help you become a goddess. 127 pages of it. This is a very handy book and I want to try everything in it!! The book is also jam packed with great illustrations :o)

Written by Sally Jeffrie
Illustrated by Nellie Ryan
Published by Buster Books
Edited by Liz Scoggins
Designed by Zoe Quayle

Overall Rating: 5/5
Cover Design: 4/5
Illustrations: 5/5
Recommended Age: 9+ (younger but want to read it? go ahead!)

Rachel :)

Would You Rather by Chris Higgins

Friday, 3 December 2010
"Life is all about choices. Daddy or chips? Boyfriend or career? Snog or marry? 'Would you Rather?' is the game that Flick and her friends love to play. But when her dad uncovers a long lost secret that unveils a mystery at the heart of her family, Flick discovers not all choices are a game."

I really enjoyed this book. I hadn't read a Chris Higgins novel before but after reading this book I'd love to read another one. My favourite character is Flick, the main character because of her personality. If you read this book then you'll understand that her personality shines through in some chapters. Higgin's has cleverly changed a usual teen chick lit by threading some family mystery into the plot.

Number of Pages: 261
Genre: Teen Chicklit/Teen Romance
Recommended age: 11 +
Rating out of 5: 5/5

Rachel :)